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newsletter #51

Hi, happy new year everybody! Welcome to the 51th newsletter! 

The story behind our open source efforts
My team has been creating open source software for quite some time. Here's the story of how it all started.

Handling CORS in a Laravel application
Recently we released laravel-cors. This package can add the necessary CORS headers of your Laravel app. 

Website monitoring. Without the hassle. (sponsored link)
Website monitoring should be simple, intuitive & affordable. That's why we built Oh Dear!

Making a case for letter case
In an older, but still relevant, post on Medium John Saito demonstrates the effect of different capitalizations.

Some interesting numbers about the PHP GitHub repos in 2017
Marcel Pociot, author of BotMan, used GitHub and Google BigQuery to look up some interesting numbers about the PHP repos in 2017.

Ci For Laravel (sponsored link)

Frontend in 2017: The important parts
Kaelan Cooter, software engineer at LogRocket, wrote a good post on the state of JavaScript and it's ecosystem.

Rainglow: a collection of beautiful handcrafted themes
Dayle Rees, author of various popular books on PHP and Laravel, has recently blown new life into his efforts of creating IDE and terminal themes.

spatie/async will be released soon
My colleague Brent is currently creating a new package called spatie/async. This one will let you easily do some asynchronous parallel processing in PHP.

Server-Side Rendering With Laravel & Vue
In a post on Anthony Gore explains how to get started with serverside rending with Laravel and Vue. Cool stuff!

Introducing Stimulus: Basecamp's new JavaScript framework
Basecamp recently open source Stimulus, their new JS framework. It aims to make sprinkling some JavaScript on your page here an there very easy.

17 Tips for Using Composer Efficiently
Martin Hujer shares some pretty good tips for working with Composer.

I’m harvesting credit card numbers and passwords from your site. Here’s how.
In an article at Hackernoon, David Gilbertson warns about the dangers of trusting 3rd party packages on npm. 

Deploy your Laravel Forge sites with your voice
Marcel Pociot explains how you can leverage Alexa, BotMan and Laravel Forge to deploy sites with your voice.

Meanwhile on Twitter

On Twitter I see a bunch of people regularly tweeting very nice code snippets.

Use the "wasRecentlyCreated" model attribute to check if your model was created or found

Useful links from the archives

Setting up Xdebug with Laravel Valet
On most of my day to day work I use Laravel Valet to develop locally. When hitting a bug often I just put a dd() statement in the code to quickly debug stuff. But for more complex bugs I reach for Xdebug.

Using Varnish on a Laravel Forge provisioned server
For a project we're working on at Spatie we're expecting high traffic. That's why we spent some time researching how to improve the request speed of a Laravel app using Forge.

Easily work with the Twitter Streaming API in PHP
Twitter provides a streaming API with which you can do interesting things such as listen for tweets that contain specific strings or actions a user performs. Here's how to easily leverage those streams.

A collection of PHPStorm tips
Nikush Patel created an awesome little site where he shares PHPStorm tips. Every tip is demonstrated by an animated gif.

10 things I learned making the fastest site in the world
David Gilbertson made a lighting fast site and wrote a fantastic article about it.

How PHP Executes – from Source Code to Render
On the excellent PHP section of Sitepoint Thomas Punt has written a good high ievel overview of how PHP code is executed.

Pragmatic coding
Stefan Koopmanschap argues that, besides writing beautiful code and using kickass frameworks and libraries, we should be able to do some quick and dirty coding as well.

How to contribute to an open-source GitHub project using your own fork
Serial blogger Matt Stauffer wrote a good tutorial on how use forked repos.

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